Real-world student design experience

Your students are future engineering innovators. As you know, experiential learning and comprehensive hands-on design experiences are the key for your students to not only master the basics, but be prepared for the start of their careers.

The Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge (TIIC) Design Contest helps students become industry-ready through real world design experience.

The TIIC is an annual, TI-sponsoredstudent hardware design competition open to undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students who are looking to solve today's challenges with electronic solutions.

The competition provides an opportunity for students to gain recognition in the industry, build their resume for future employers, get access to the technology they need to rapidly prototype and win cash prizes.

The TIIC enables students to go through the same activities they will experience once they land their first engineering job, including:

   • Opportunities to plan, build, fail, iterate and persevere towards an end goal.

   • A chance to practice documenting technical material as a team

   • A challenge to create innovative designs

   • Hands-on experience that solidifies concepts taught in the lab

   • Real-world problems to solve through working as a team

Send the TI Innovation Challenge Flyer to your students today.

How will students apply what they’ve learned in your engineering courses to design solutions for our world’s biggest needs? Let them find out with the TI Innovation Challenge design  contest.