TI-RSLK Summer
Project 2020

Welcome to Summer 2020 Project!

What is the design project challenge?

University students in Electrical or Computer Engineering majors who are looking for a hands-on, structured learning experience around electronics design will benefit from participating in this limited time summer opportunity. The theme of the project is robotics and it will feature the TI-RSLK MAX robot as a platform to get your design started quickly. Through the course of the project, you will create and prototype a design while building your skills and training to manage your project planning and timelines. You will be working directly with TI mentors to tune and focus your design.

When is the design project challenge?

The project learning opportunity will run from June 15th to July 31st as an online project.  Project submission deadline has passed.

What will I learn?

The TI Robotics System Learning Kit (TI-RSLK) is a great platform to learn embedded systems, but also as a start for developing custom designs. This learning kit will be the basis of your design project. You will learn a lot about circuit design and manufacturing as you create your own robotics application or accessory attachment to the robot. These skills will be extremely useful for electrical and computer engineering students going into their capstone design course. Practicing engineering design skills this summer will translate well when you implement your designs in the future. 

Helpful resources


Recommended learning resources for Summer 2020

Below is a selection of resources available to students to further build skills to supplement your experience as you prepare for careers in industry. If you don’t participate in the summer project, these other opportunities are also excellent ways to spend your time to add relevant skills to your repertoire. 


Free online courses


Online workshops


Online textbooks