Classic TI-RSLK Maze Edition Curriculum

Classic TI-RSLK Maze Edition Modules

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The TI-RSLK Maze Edition comes with 20 learning modules covering basic to advanced topics. Each module is complete with lecture videos and slides, lab documentation and demonstration videos, quizzes and classroom activities and resources from TI to support the learning experience. The kit and curriculum is fully customizable, allowing faculty to choose how they integrate the TI-RSLK into their class. The TI-RSLK is targeted to teach embedded systems and applications, and can be expanded and used in a variety of engineering classes at any level along a college student’s learning journey.

Through the curriculum, students learn the function and purpose of each hardware and software component included within the TI-RSLK system. With this groundwork, students can write and develop their own code and then build their own fully functioning robotics system. This learning journey culminates in a robot that can complete line-following challenges, compete against other TI-RSLK robotic systems and solve its way through a maze.

Download the Curriculum Preface to learn more about the 20 learning modules.

Classic TI-RSLK Curriculum Modules

Getting Started

Module 1 - Running Code on the LaunchPad using CCS

Module 2 - Voltage, Current and Power

Module 3 - ARM Cortex M

Module 4 - Software Design using MSP432

Module 5 - Battery and Voltage Regulation

Module 6 - GPIO

Module 7 - Finite State Machines

Module 8 - Interfacing Input and Output

Module 9 - SysTick Timer

Module 10 - Debugging Real-Time Systems

Module 11 - Liquid Crystal Display

Module 12 - DC Motors

Module 13 - Timers

Module 14 - Real-Time Systems

Module 15 - Data Acquisition Systems

Module 16 - Tachometer

Module 17 - Control Systems

Module 18 - Serial Communication

Module 19 - Bluetooth Low Energy

Module 20 - Wi-Fi