Curriculum Disclaimer

TI Robotics System Learning Kit (“TI-RSLK”) –robotics kit & curriculum introduced on is intended to assist university faculty in enabling their students’ understanding of how electronic robotic system designs work. Through the curriculum, students can learn the function and purpose of each hardware and software component of the TI-RSLK system. While Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) updates information periodically, it may not be current at the time you use the curriculum or conduct experiments or labs that are outlined in the curriculum. The suggested robotic kit and parts or components referred to in the curriculum and labs may be sourced from Element-14/ Newark. Changing components and experiments is at your own risk and may cause the experiments not to function as intended. You understand and agree that you remain responsible for using your independent analysis, evaluation and judgement in conducting experiments and using the curriculum. In addition to the terms below, your use of this curriculum is subject to TI’s Terms of Use.