Classic TI Robotics System Learning Kit

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Dr. Jon Valvano

Classic TI Robotics Systems Learning Kit

Thank you for your interest in the TI product family of robotic kits. Please note that the new, solderless kit is available through and is available to view at

The TI Robotics Systems Learning Kit (TI-RSLK) is a low-cost robotics kit and classroom curriculum, which provide students with a deeper understanding of how electronic system designs work. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Jon Valvano, professor, electrical and computer engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.

The first in its series is the Maze Edition that comes with 20 learning modules covering basic to advanced topics. TI created the robotics learning kit to fill a gap in existing engineering curriculum by introducing comprehensive courseware that addresses the fundamentals of embedded systems and progresses to more advanced applications learning.

Systems Thinking with TI Robotics System Learning Kit

TI Robotics Systems Learning Kit (TI-RSLK)

TI-RSLK Maze Edition Curriculum

The TI-RSLK Maze Edition curriculum comes with 20 learning modules covering basic to advanced topics. Each module is complete with lecture videos and slides, lab documentation and demonstration videos, quizzes and classroom activities. The TI-RSLK is targeted to teach embedded systems and applications, and can be expanded and used in a variety of engineering classes.

The Curriculum Covers:

  • Electrical engineering concepts such as voltage, current, power and energy
  • Microcontroller interfacing with sensors, actuators, and motors; concepts of pulse width modulation, flash ROM, analog to digital conversion, digital to analog conversion, and serial data transmission
  • Software design and testing using multithreading, and debugging
  • Fundamental theories such as Nyquist, Central Limit and Little’s Law
  • Building systems using finite state machines (FSM), closed loop control, Bluetooth® low energy, and Internet of Things

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TI-RSLK Upgrade Kit($109) – Add-on kit that takes the TI-RSLK from Basic to Advanced

PololuParts and accessories for TI-RSLK

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