Join TI at ASEE 2018 at booth #600 for live demos, in room #150A for hands-on workshops and walk away with TI technology!

Special this year!  Todd Morstein, a high school teacher from Montana, is using the TI-Innovator(TM) Hub and coding on TI calculators to connect engineering to high school Physics, Chemistry and Math.

Todd will show his projects and discuss how his students are gaining early engineering experience through activities that make music and launch rockets using the TI-Innovator Hub.

Monday, June 26th from 10 - 10:30am


New this year!  Check out TI's robotics pavilion #1031 for live robotics demos and challenges!

Sunday, June 25th - DSTR Robot from 6 - 7:30pm

Monday, June 26th - TI-RSLK from 5 - 6pm

Tuesday, June 27th - TI-Innovator Rover from 11:30am - 1pm


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