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TI E2E forums: An Engineer-to-Engineer forum to
discuss problems and find solutions.

Working on an assignment for a design project and hit a snag? Post, share and get answers to your design questions with TI’s E2E forums. And E2E is more than just a forum – it’s a place to find the latest across our entire company with constantly updated technical articles.

Here are a few of our favorite resources, perfect for students who are learning design concepts from the basics to the more advanced.

Find answers to your technical questions

Power management

There are 18 different power management E2E forums, answering questions that range from the most basic to the most complex, from Gallium Nitride solutions to digital power and all things power in between. Here are a few of our favorites, along with a few technical articles written by TI power experts.

Power management technical articles
Find the latest solutions and ideas by TI engineers for designing and managing power supplies, along with other power tips and tricks 

Wireless connectivity

The wireless connectivity section of the E2E forums includes 11 forums and covers topics such as Bluetooth® solutions; Low Power RF tools; Near Field Communication and RFID; and related TI products such as WiLink™ WiFI + Bluetooth and SimpleLink™ WiFi solutions.

Embedded processing technical articles
Connect with TI’s experts about their “ah-ha” moments in wireless connectivity 


Ask questions, explore ideas about microcontrollers with fellow engineers.

Other microcontroller communities

Reference design library

Schematics, block diagrams, bill of materials (BOMs), design files and test reports for hundreds of applications, including industrial, automotive, consumer, medical and more. This entire library was created by TIers with deep system and product knowledge. This is a terrific resource to start your design and learn from what’s already been done.

Watch training now

Hundreds of learning videos are at your disposal if you need to go a little deeper to understand a TI product for your design. For a complete list of what’s available, visit To the right are a few recommended online learning modules that are easy to understand and relevant to what you are learning through coursework.

TI Precision Labs

This is the electronics industry’s first comprehensive online classroom for analog engineers and students who want to be analog engineers. The on-demand curriculum pairs theory and applied lab exercises to accelerate or deepen your technical expertise. This free modular curriculum includes over 30 hands-on trainings and lab videos covering analog amplifier design considerations with online course work.

MSP MCUs featuring CapTIvate™ Technology Training Series

An 8-part series detailing the key features of MSP MCUs featuring CapTIvate technology, helping you to get started on your capacitive touch design.