University projects using Texas Instruments parts

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Student projects

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A window that tints itself according to how much light is incident upon it. You can also control the window with an iOS application!

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Solar Water Distiller

This distiller converts the entire drainage water from our college NITK into pure drinking water free from soluble and insoluble impurities.

Likes : 340    Views : 24755
MoveThisWay Heavy Payload Assistant

MoveThisWay is an autonomous robot that transports heavy payloads on programmable paths with obstacle detection capability.

Likes : 50    Views : 7459
Autonomous Assistant Agricultural Bots

Autonomously functioning farmbot integrating IoT, image processing, automation, and Android application.

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How To Create Navigation Control Robot

This Project is made using TI-RSLK. This robot is controlled through the navigation button using TI-RSLK app.

Likes : 69    Views : 2250
How to Build a Motion Control Robot

Control the motion of robot by your mobile, Using TI RSLK kit, MSP432 microcontroller and POLOLU board for power distributon.

Likes : 5    Views : 1262
RoboARM: Texas Instruments Powered 3D printed Robotic Arm

RoboARM allows a user to move objects using an old analog joystick and record, store, and ultimately repeat routines.

Likes : 9    Views : 2214
"Voice Controlled" Toy Car

Make a car that can be controlled by solely by voice!

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LaunchPad Development Kit

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Microsetup for power electronics experiments

This project aims to develop a prototype to implement various topologies of power converters to carry out experiments from your home

Likes : 3    Views : 128
Control a CC3200 LaunchPad with your phone using Blynk

Read sensor data and toggle LEDs with the Blynk mobile app and the TI CC3200 LaunchPad

Likes : 35    Views : 9675
Solar Water Distiller

This distiller converts the entire drainage water from our college NITK into pure drinking water free from soluble and insoluble impurities.

Likes : 340    Views : 24755
Cloud-connected Sub-1GHz RF Star Sensor Network

Each node has an MSP430 micro, sensor, LCD & subGHz RF radio. Multiple nodes send data to a subGHz-to-WiFi bridge for cloud connectivity.

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SensorTag to Blynk Using Node-RED

How to merge different IoT devices and services? Node-RED provides an elegant solution.

Likes : 22    Views : 8879
YADL: Yet Another Data Logger

Use a Nano 33 IoT or a MKR WiFi 1010 to access a TI SensorTag to easily build a powerful BLE data logger.

Likes : 23    Views : 11550
Alexa Skill for SensorTag Data with AWS IoT and Raspberry PI

The idea behind this project is to explore applications of Amazon Alexa in an industrial/factory environment as a worker support system.

Likes : 16    Views : 4333
Sensor Map with a RPi Zero W, SensorTags and 6lowpan

Long-Range, Battery-Driven Sensors that Collect Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure

Likes : 15    Views : 5678

University Tutorials

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TIDL on BeagleBone AI

Texas Instruments Deep Learning API and examples ported onto BeagleBone AI's default Debian distribution image and mjpg-streamer filters.

Likes : 20    Views : 12883
ASEE 2015 Workshop: IoT with CC3200

Getting Started with the Internet of Things (IoT) using the Texas Instruments CC3200

Likes : 16    Views : 2287
MSP432 Fun with IoT Workshop 2016

Explore the Educational BoosterPack paired with the MSP432 LaunchPad and then take that to the cloud with the CC3100 Wi-Fi BoosterPack!

Likes : 75    Views : 6422
Easy Embedded Systems Learning with TI MSP432

Learn the complexity of ARM microcontrollers using portable and low cost hardware.

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