University projects using Texas Instruments parts

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Student projects


A window that tints itself according to how much light is incident upon it. You can also control the window with an iOS application!

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Solar Water Distiller

This distiller converts the entire drainage water from our college NITK into pure drinking water free from soluble and insoluble impurities.

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MoveThisWay Heavy Payload Assistant

MoveThisWay is an autonomous robot that transports heavy payloads on programmable paths with obstacle detection capability.

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Autonomous Assistant Agricultural Bots

Autonomously functioning farmbot integrating IoT, image processing, automation, and Android application.

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Guitar Speed Pick and Stomp Pedal!

8,000 RPM motor with a guitar pick! Crazy! You will shred faster than any other guitarist!

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How To Create Navigation Control Robot

This Project is made using TI-RSLK. This robot is controlled through the navigation button using TI-RSLK app.

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Flow-Through Photometer

Ultra low-cost flow-through photometer for on-line measurements of bacterial density.

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HarRay POTentiomeTER and the Half-Heard Piezo

We are innovating the world of sound engineering. Using cutting edge technology, we bring you a buzzer whose frequency is keyed to a dial.

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NFC Energy Harvesting Booster Pack

Power the MSP432 Launchpad, harvest energy, and collect sensor data - all with your phone's near field communication.

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Detecting Heart Rate with a Photoresistor

A photoresistor can sense the subtle changes in light intensity caused by your blood to detect your heartbeat!

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TiWo, keepin' it cool

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Smart Emergency and Health Assistive Tool

An IoT enabled solution to monitor patient health and inform relatives in case of emergency.

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The Zen Tracker - The Future of Workplace Health

An IoT, lucky bamboo garden that ambiently tracks and graphs your daily activity, ensuring wealth, health, and happiness!

Likes : 36    Views : 3803
Smart Blind Stick

A low-cost stick designed for blind people that enables them to walk without any assistance.

Likes : 51    Views : 11671
Dynamometer for Stepper Motors

Our dynamometer tests the performance of stepper motors and their drivers by applying customizable load torque profiles through a GUI.

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Automatic Tectum and Aqua Rehash System; (SVECW)

Ozone to the Earth, Automatic tectum and aqua rehash system to the fields.

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The Wingman

When it comes to bicycle safety and theft-prevention, The Wingman has your back.

Likes : 66    Views : 6450
Open Source Powered Prosthetic Leg

With an ever-increasing availability of new technologies, we created an affordable bionic leg that is accessible to everyone.

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Got Your Back

This ergonomic-sensitive chair add-on will help you chair-ish your health!

Likes : 54    Views : 3161
MPPT Vehicle

A vehicle that uses maximum power point tracking to harvest solar energy so that maximum power output can be achieved.

Likes : 15    Views : 2114
Fingerprint-Based Door Unlock

People who forget their keys before leaving their homes will never again face face a situation of waiting for someone else to open the door.

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How to Build a Motion Control Robot

Control the motion of robot by your mobile, Using TI RSLK kit, MSP432 microcontroller and POLOLU board for power distributon.

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It is a portable wearable eco-friendly air purifier.

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STING: Greenhouse Light Management System

STING helps ensure plants in a greenhouse that need a certain level of light for growth 24/7 to get all the light they need!

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