University projects using Texas Instruments parts

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How To Create Navigation Control Robot

This Project is made using TI-RSLK. This robot is controlled through the navigation button using TI-RSLK app.

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How to Build a Motion Control Robot

Control the motion of robot by your mobile, Using TI RSLK kit, MSP432 microcontroller and POLOLU board for power distributon.

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"Voice Controlled" Toy Car

Make a car that can be controlled by solely by voice!

Likes : 2    Views : 1088
RoboARM: Texas Instruments Powered 3D printed Robotic Arm

RoboARM allows a user to move objects using an old analog joystick and record, store, and ultimately repeat routines.

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Texas Instruments RSLK with Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

Ultrasonic distance sensors are affordable, accurate, and easy to use. So I integrated these sensors onto the basic RSLK by TI.

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Grass Cutter Robot

An Internet-controlled robot that can cut the grass of a garden area with ease and efficiently.

Likes : 38    Views : 7525
How to Create Web Server Controlled Robot

This project is made using TI-RISK. This robot is controlled through the HTTP web server.

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Indoor Localization

Indoor localization based on RSSI values of Zigbee beacons. Implemented using TI-RSLK(Max) and Zigbee modules.

Likes : 4    Views : 1084
MSP430 Line Follower

A black line following robot with a PD controller based on the Texas Instruments MSP430 G2553.

Likes : 10    Views : 3535
Car with a Robotic Arm and a Web-Based Remote Control

ESP32 microprocessor, L293D H-bridge for controlling 4 servos SG90 and 4 motors controlled via a Html webpage using WebSocket.

Likes : 4    Views : 2212
AI Maze-Solving Robot

A robot that solves a maze and then shows the shortest path to the treasure!

Likes : 7    Views : 2157
How to Build a Voice Controlled Robot!

The project is made using TI-RSLK. The robot is being controlled by the user's voice with the help of the Google Assistant.

Likes : 19    Views : 1758
Controlling RSLK Over Internet

Learn how easy it is to control TI RSLK kit over internet and control different motions of robot using Android app.

Likes : 7    Views : 1279
Sound-Following Robot

A sound-following robot using two microphone sensors on the TI-RSLK MAX!

Likes : 5    Views : 1125
Cleaning Bot

A remote controlled and line following cleaning bot with a scrub attached on its back to clean the table and floor.

Likes : 26    Views : 1097
Autonomous Path Planning with LIDAR and Motion Capture

Obstacle Detection with LIDAR to create and update a map so that an A* algorithm can solve a path for a robot car to follow.

Likes : 4    Views : 1093
Solar Charging DSTR Robot

This is a solar tracking charging system for the DSTR robot. Sponsored by Texas Instruments and Texas A&M.

Likes : 11    Views : 986
Driving the iRobot Create 2 with the MSP432P401R

This is a driver written in C that is compatible to work between the iRobot Create 2 and the MSP432P401R microcontroller.

Likes : 2    Views : 784
Autonomous Disinfecting Robot

This is an autonomous mobile disinfecting robot that disinfects a confined space by deploying aerosol disinfectant.

Likes : 3    Views : 702
How to Build a SimpleLink Wi-Fi Controller for Robotics

Learn how to build a wireless controller using Wi-Fi to be used with a robot, miniature vehicle or whatever you dream up!

Likes : 5    Views : 669
Small Solar Follower Version 1.0

Using the TI-RSLK Max, I created a solar follower that avoids shade and follows the sun throughout the day.

Likes : 16    Views : 513
Bottle Detection with TI RSLK Max

A completely autonomous object detection algorithm using the TI RSLK Max.

Likes : 3    Views : 509
Measurement of Mobile Robots with Arduino and LM393 Sensors

This project can help you measure the speed, distance and angle of the robot.

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Notes commands on segbot

In this project, I filtered with three sets of filter coefficients to find three notes and command the segbot turn and backwards.

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