University projects using Texas Instruments parts

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University Tutorials

TIDL on BeagleBone AI

Texas Instruments Deep Learning API and examples ported onto BeagleBone AI's default Debian distribution image and mjpg-streamer filters.

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ASEE 2015 Workshop: IoT with CC3200

Getting Started with the Internet of Things (IoT) using the Texas Instruments CC3200

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8-Bit Binary Adder

Use TI logic gates to recreate a physical binary adder that we learned from a computer science class.

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MSP432 Fun with IoT Workshop 2016

Explore the Educational BoosterPack paired with the MSP432 LaunchPad and then take that to the cloud with the CC3100 Wi-Fi BoosterPack!

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Easy Embedded Systems Learning with TI MSP432

Learn the complexity of ARM microcontrollers using portable and low cost hardware.

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RTOS Games for Embedded Systems and IoT Courses

Get a hands on deep dive into TI LaunchPad™ and the SimpleLink™ family of products. Perfect start for IoT. Find where to learn about RTOS.

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TI-RSLK Build Workshop Instructions

Instructions for assembling the TI-RSLK Basic version of the kit during a TI-hosted workshop.

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Wi-Fi IoT Workshop for TI LaunchPad+Educational BoosterPack

Get started with some IoT projects. Learn how to use Wi-Fi wireless communication with the TI LaunchPad.

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Robotics System Workshop: Arduino Programming on TI-RSLK MAX

Get setup with programming the TI-RSLK MAX using Arduino IDE. Engaging robotics education to prepare students for the Age of Automation.

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CC3220SF IoT Workshop with CCS Cloud

Learn LaunchPad by building incredible IoT applications. Awesome!

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Teaching Mechatronics with MSP430 LaunchPad Racerbot

The MSP430 Racerbot design is an easy way to integrate mechatronics into an academic course or workshop using off the shelf components.

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Blinking LEDs with MSP430 and Energia

Learn how to blink multiple LEDs with MSP430 and Energia.

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TI-RSLK Assembly Tips

Some tips to speed up the assembly process.

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IoT Workshop: LPSTK Getting Started (TI LaunchPad SensorTag)

Tips and tricks on the LPSTK board and programming. Engaging IoT workshop education to prepare students.

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Georgia Tech Getting Started with TI LaunchPad Workshop 2015

Try out some basic breadboard circuits with a TI microcontroller

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Intro to TI-RSLK

Getting started with the Texas Instruments Robotics System Learning Kit

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UTD IEEE Innovation Week: MSP432 IoT Workshop

Building your own Internet of Things (IoT) device can be easy with the MSP432 LaunchPad + SimpleLink Wi-Fi® CC3100 + EDUMKII BoosterPack.

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Install CCS 10 in 10 steps in under 30 minutes

Code Composer Studio 10 is the latest version of the IDE provided by Texas Instruments. See how to install this on your local machine.

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Motion Security System

The BlessTags application + CC2650 SensorTag = Motion security system!

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Introduction to Microcontrollers with MSP430 FRAM LaunchPad

Get started with development of microcomputing and embedded and understand the tools required

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