University projects using Texas Instruments parts

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LaunchPad Development Kit

Control a CC3200 LaunchPad with your phone using Blynk

Read sensor data and toggle LEDs with the Blynk mobile app and the TI CC3200 LaunchPad

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Solar Water Distiller

This distiller converts the entire drainage water from our college NITK into pure drinking water free from soluble and insoluble impurities.

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Cloud-connected Sub-1GHz RF Star Sensor Network

Each node has an MSP430 micro, sensor, LCD & subGHz RF radio. Multiple nodes send data to a subGHz-to-WiFi bridge for cloud connectivity.

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6LowPAN Border Router

Build a 6LBR using a Raspberry Pi Zero and CC2650 LaunchPad.

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HarRay POTentiomeTER and the Half-Heard Piezo

We are innovating the world of sound engineering. Using cutting edge technology, we bring you a buzzer whose frequency is keyed to a dial.

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Smart Electrical Power Analyzer

The Smart Analyzer is an extended version of Oscillogram for Utility Grid with advanced resources: fft analysis on voltage and current.

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Smart Emergency and Health Assistive Tool

An IoT enabled solution to monitor patient health and inform relatives in case of emergency.

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Adding Grove BLE to LaunchPad

Add BLE control to a LaunchPad project using the Grove BLE module

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Raspberry PI with Windows 10 made realtime with a launchpad

Connecting a 16 bit MCU (launchpad) to Raspberry PI running Windows 10 to off load real time processing.

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Smart Blind Stick

A low-cost stick designed for blind people that enables them to walk without any assistance.

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Dynamometer for Stepper Motors

Our dynamometer tests the performance of stepper motors and their drivers by applying customizable load torque profiles through a GUI.

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LightServer: App Controlled RGB Lighting: Effects + Music

LightServer is a Wifi enabled RGB Intelligent lighting device controlled by Apps or a Webpage. Includes music synchronized lighting effects.

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Making Old Things IoT - IR Control

This project brings a pre-IoT audio receiver up to speed using Blynk and a TI Launchpad to send IR signals through WiFi from an iPhone.

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$20 WiFi Connected Hardware Solution with ESP8266

An example weather monitoring station to show how easy it is to connect a MSP430 LaunchPad to WiFi for ~$20 total!

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Automatic Tectum and Aqua Rehash System; (SVECW)

Ozone to the Earth, Automatic tectum and aqua rehash system to the fields.

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Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero implementation with a TM4C123 custom-built PCB, and a custom controller with Xbee interfacing and a TM4C123 Launchpad

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Thingsquare on TI Launchpads and Raspberry Pi

How to set up a wireless sensor network with off-the-shelf hardware.

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Simple interval timer

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WiFi Controlled Door Lock

Lock and unlock your door from your phone using WiFi.

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How to Build a Motion Control Robot

Control the motion of robot by your mobile, Using TI RSLK kit, MSP432 microcontroller and POLOLU board for power distributon.

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Fingerprint-Based Door Unlock

People who forget their keys before leaving their homes will never again face face a situation of waiting for someone else to open the door.

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It is a portable wearable eco-friendly air purifier.

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Self-Punching Helmet

How to get punched playing video games!

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Solar Tracker

The aim of the project is to make a solar tracker to enhance the productivity of a basic solar panel.

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