University projects using Texas Instruments parts

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SensorTag to Blynk Using Node-RED

How to merge different IoT devices and services? Node-RED provides an elegant solution.

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YADL: Yet Another Data Logger

Use a Nano 33 IoT or a MKR WiFi 1010 to access a TI SensorTag to easily build a powerful BLE data logger.

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Alexa Skill for SensorTag Data with AWS IoT and Raspberry PI

The idea behind this project is to explore applications of Amazon Alexa in an industrial/factory environment as a worker support system.

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Sensor Map with a RPi Zero W, SensorTags and 6lowpan

Long-Range, Battery-Driven Sensors that Collect Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure

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Sensor Tag 2 Smart Light

A smart light that responds to remote lighting conditions using Sensor Tag 2 and Raspberry Pi 2.

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Kill COVID: 20 second hand wash sensor (no soldering needed)

This project helps you kill viruses by making sure you really wash your hands for 20 seconds - and keep up the habit.

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Interacting with a TI SensorTag from an Intel NUC

This project shows you how setup an Intel NUC to interact with a TI SensorTag device using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

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From Zero to Sensortag

This tutorial will hopefully encourage development with the TI BLE SensorTag by showing how to setup your IDE and program the device!

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Send sensor data to/from Thingsboard w/ the OmnIoT SoftHub

A series of realtime video tutorials showing how to get OmnIoT SoftHub sensor data to/from a Thingsboard dashboard, no programming required!

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No Programming: Wireless Door Sensor with Push Notifications

When someone opens the door, be the first to know...

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Send sensor data to MS Azure PowerBI with the OmnIoT SoftHub

A series of real-time video tutorials showing how to quickly get OmnIoT SoftHub sensor data to a MS PowerBI dashboard, no coding required!

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Lots of Sensors, Lots of MQTT Dashboards, a Few Minutes Time

Get your sensor data to almost any cloud based platform that provides an MQTT interface. With no programming required!

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IoT Workshop: LPSTK Getting Started (TI LaunchPad SensorTag)

Tips and tricks on the LPSTK board and programming. Engaging IoT workshop education to prepare students.

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Windows BLE Analysis - A SensorTag Approach

I will do an analysis of the Windows operating system (OS) from the point of view of communication with Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

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TI SensorTag to SAP Cloud Platform IoT Services

Connect your TI SensorTag to the IoT Services of the SAP Cloud Platform.

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IoT Pocket Gateway

Low-cost IoT Gateway made with open-source software and hardware. Software includes temperature, humidity, and ambient light sensing.

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Visualize the IOTA-MAM upload and download data streams of your sensors using node-red!

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Send Sensor Data To/From Ubidots using the OmnIoT SoftHub

A series of real-time video tutorials showing how to get OmnIoT SoftHub sensor data to/from an Ubidots dashboard, no programming required!

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Motion Security System

The BlessTags application + CC2650 SensorTag = Motion security system!

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Exploring Smart Home Applications with TI LPSTK + Beaglebone

Learn how to quickly develop and launch IoT projects and applications using TI hardware and software

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