Life as an engineer

What does a career in engineering really entail, and what types
of jobs are available? Here are just a few resources to help you
see daily life as an engineer and as a TIer.

University Recruiting Tips

5 tips for how to build a recruiter-approved resume

3 tips to a successful internship: Advice from a former TI intern

I got an interview! Now what?

3 steps to building your online persona

Getting started: Career tips for freshmen & sophomores

What does a day in the life of a TI engineer look like?

See what your future might look like with our “day-in-the-life” videos showcasing a variety of our engineering roles.

I haven’t yet graduated, but I want to be an intern at TI.

Join us while you’re still in school!  

What types of engineering jobs are available at TI?

We’re hiring! Read descriptions about the various entry-level roles available at TI. Whether you’re an electrical, software, chemical or mechanical engineer, there is an engineering job waiting for you.

What other cool things does TI do? 

Along with the videos and resources about our careers, you can learn even more about what we are up to through a few of our technical articles and at Learn about our commitment to engineering education, to innovation, to corporate citizenship and to the industry:

Company technical articles
Engineering progress
TI tech for K-12 education
TI’s ambitions and values